Your First Choice For Kitchen Design

The process to create your designer dream kitchen

Designer Kitchen and Stone Factory will take you through a step by step process from beginning to end, explaining things along the way so you know exactly what is involved.

The Designer Kitchen and Stone Factory Process

✓ Initial Enquiry – We will promptly respond to your phone or email enquiry, either with a quote based on your plans or further questions about what you would like.

✓ First Consultation – This can be in our office or your home. It is to our customers advantage if they can come into our office as we can use our 3D Design program to provide an instant look at the design and make changes in real time. We have a large display to choose your colours and finishes also.

✓ Initial Quote – We will provide quotes based on the initial plan, but you can then make changes as desired once you have seen the plan and visualised what you want.

✓ Final Quote – The final plan is check measured and the quote becomes your contract with us once signed. 

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✓ Check measure – After you have agreed to purchase the kitchen one of our trusted partners will visit your house and precisely measure the area if you are having it installed. If you or your builder are purchasing a flat pack to install yourself then you need to check your measurements as per the plan page and return them to us signed.

✓ Final plans – After check measure we adjust the final plans to the accurate measurements taken by the tradesman, and have those signed off by the customer.

✓ Production – With Final Plans signed off we move into production phase in the factory.

✓ Installation – If Designer Kitchen & Stone is to do the installation we set a date and time with the subcontracted installer to pick up your flat pack and deliver it to your home for installation. 

✓ Follow up – Designer Kitchens is here for you if you have any questions. Just give our friendly staff a call if we can help you with anything at any time.

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